Established Artist since 1980

Milanda de Mont 2021 Arte Wiesbaden Vernissage 10th September.
Milanda de Mont 2021 Arte Wiesbaden Vernissage 10th September.


The vibrant and dynamic abstract paintings by Milanda de Mont, have for long captured the public attention, art collectors and art lovers, nationally and internationally. She is established Australian artist, and in the late 80’s – 2012, was represented by various galleries in Sydney, further by; Harris Courtin Gallery in Paddington, Sydney. She has received prestigious Scholarship Awards in 1996 and 2001, by the renowned Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes in Munich and Berlin. In 1996 she associated with the renowned Kunsakademie Düsseldorf and with Prof. Christian Megert Last Member Group Zero, Düsseldorf, Germany.  A turning point in her career occurred after a recognition as selected Participant Artist in 2011, at the 8th edition International Florence Biennale, at the Fortezza Da Basso. In the past decade, she relocated her base to Germany, establishing her artistic profile with the international Galleries, and organisations in Europe. She has a highly successful artistic career, her works have been acquired and collected world wide. She exhibits regularly in the Contemporary Salons, Art Fairs, in New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Nice, Naples, Milan, Capri, and in major German cities. 

Officially recognised and published from 2014 – 2022, as ‘Artiste Cotes’ (Valued artist) by the GUID’ARTS Dictionnaire des Artistes Cotes since 15th Century France, she is represented by the renowned Auction House Drouot Paris & Hotel des Ventes de Lausanne, as well her works have been Auctioned many times, highlighting her profile as one of the sought after artists in Europe .

Milanda de Mont has had notable collaborative Group exhibitions with famous European artists namely; Jacque Renoir (Grandson of the French Renoir Dynasty) in 2017 the 9th edition International Monaco GemlucArt Contemporary, under the Patronage of HRH Princess of Hanover, at the Auditorium Raineer III. Also, in 2017 she exhibited with the renowned Italian artist Achille Pace (Four times selected at the Venice Biennale), in a curated exhibition by well known Italian Art Historian and Critic Pino Nicoletti, at the Palazzo dell’Annunziata Museum, Matera, Italy.

Award Winning Artist: 2000 Wyong Art Prize, 2010 Gosford Art Prize, 2007 Finalist Audi Art Prize, 2014 Art Prize Contemporary Naples Award Italy. Critically acclaimed by the well known European Art Historians and Critics on her works, and in variety of Press publications. 

2016 – 2021 Arte Kunstmesse in Sindelfingen, 2019 & 2021 Arte Wiesbaden, 2021 Arte Kunstsalon Konstanz (Constance) Bodenseeforum, and including 2021 Art Discovery Fair Frankfurt, Germany. 

Member: Kunst International Stuttgart,

& Eisenturm Kunstverein Mainz, Germany. 

De Mont’s  strong foundation is manifested in her life long artistic  journey. As Painter, Performance Artist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director. One of the pioneer graduates in the Graphic Design and Fine Arts, in Australia. She was Art Teacher & Lecturer, at the Arts & Media Sector of Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, NSW, Sydney, Australia. She has conducted Art Seminars & Workshops at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery, NSW.  

Since 2018 – 2021 she is invited Lecturer at the Kunstzeit Allensbach Kunstakademie in Constance, Germany. 



By Dr. Salvatore Russo Ph.D. Art Critic, Italy. 

The works of Milanda de Mont visual narratives are made via a genius of thought that explores the mind and shows its synthesis. The artist has been able to create a new visual alphabet whose symbolism refers conceptually to the complexity of the human intellect.


2010 ArtisSpectrum, Volume 23 and 24, Publications, Chelsea New York, USA.

Milanda De Mont’s enamel paintings exemplify her ideas of artistic expression as a means of liberation. De Mont’s fluid brushstrokes exhibit a vibrancy and life of their own. Inspired by the energies and movement of nature, De Mont is able to personify these energies through colors, lines, and forms that transform the canvas into a unified living image. De Mont describes her process as energetic and spontaneous. “I let myself be carried away without resistance while my entire being is dedicated to the free-flowing expression of line, color and form as it coalesces into living imagery.” Influenced by the physical urges of Abstract Expressionism, her paintings unleash the fury of Franz Kline with the colorful lyricism of Helen Frankenthaler. Each painting sustains its own unity while at the same time encompassing a vivid, distinct, abstract expression that is universally appealing. De Mont’s appeal lies in her ability to express relationships that exist between nature and mankind. The abstract forms De Mont creates, express a unification of these natural and humanistic elements.!/fair/frankfurt-2021

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