Milanda de Mont 2021 Exhibition Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt
Milanda de Mont 2021 Exhibition Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt



Established Australian abstract artist Milanda de Mont (Gregorian), lives and works in Germany, she has won many Awards and First Prizes, in Australia and internationally. With over 35 years of professional exhibiting career world wide, she is represented artist by Galleries, international organisations, as well numerous international Art Fairs, and Biennales. Recipient of the Goethe Institut Scholarships from Munich, she is ‘Cotation Agréée’ – ‘Certified Artist’ by ‘Christian Sorriano’ Expert Chargé de Mission by the French Government, Expert & Assessor at the Customs Commission, Drouot Paris, Hotel des Ventes de Lausanne.  She has received various critics and reviews worldwide. Her works are acquired and represented in many private and public collections, including Museums worldwide.  


Milanda de Mont (Gregorian) Australian Nationality. B.1953

Travelled extensively in Europe, USA, South East Asia, Australia.



1973 Higher School Diploma, The Forest High, Sydney, Australia.  

1974 Qualifying Diploma Fine Arts, National Art School Sydney, Australia. Studied: Anatomy, Life Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Photography.  

1975 – 1977 Studied Graphic Design Diploma, Sydney College Of The Arts.  

1975-1981 lived in USA. Studied: Commercial Art at the Sevier Valley College, Richfield, Utah. 

From 1977 – 1980 Worked as Commercial Artist, Courtroom Illustrator, Airbrush Illustrator in the US. 

1981 Returned to Sydney, conducted own Graphic Design & Freelance Art Director Agency, Sydney, Australia. 

1991 Graduated Degree Dip.Education Pedagogy, University of Technology, UTS, Sydney, Australia. 



1995 ‘Goethe-Institut Inter Nationes Scholarship’ from Munich, studied at the Goethe-Institut’ Deusseldorf, Germany. 

2001 ‘Goethe-Institut Scholarship’ from Munich. Participant artist ‘Cultural Seminar’ Goethe-Institut Berlin & Weimar, Germany.



1998 – 2010 Teacher & Lecturer, Employed by the Australian Federal Government, at the Arts & Media Sector, Hornsby College Campus, Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, NSW, Australia. 

2014 Relocated from Australia to Germany. 

2019 – 2021  Teacher & Lecturer, Seminars, Art Courses at ‘Allensbach Kunstzeit Academy’ Lake Constance, Germany. 


Her artistic synergies, signature flowing creations have a unique poetic quality, demonstrating looseness tempered with control, her artistic vision as a contemporary artist, developed through many years of painting,  is ongoing. Energy exploding shapes through feel are expressed as a means of liberation.  Her creative imagination projects a visual experience, which lie both within and outside optical world. The synthesize of her work attests her interpretations of the unseen in variations of dramatic colours, creating the invisible transformed into tangible and defining directness.


Artist Statement: ‘Life and art are inseparable’ hence art is the transmission of the state of our being.  My work reflects tension between forces of stillness and quickness, in which, I view the world; a mystical experience that imparts a sense of unity within its creative process.  Asart is not limited by reason, so is the abstraction, a pure art form in bliss of freedom. The predominant direction of my art compels out of its own individual need, with its unique voice and dialogue.  In the psyche of self-conscious, self-expression, lifetime experiences become possible to disclose their function, nourished by instinct; livingimageries explode beyond their limitations’.

My work process: I start with a blank canvas and paint directly over my surface, without utilising the aid of pencil or any drawing tools, I intend to work spontaneously and by pass my conscious thoughts and reservations. Past, present and future are timeless and continue to inspire and guide me.  It is my creative process – a constant companion that lives in the solitude of time, as I confront with my work surface to express freely the inner feelings, mostly my individual voice, liberated out of its own need. Time & space, experiences, interactions, lead me to unknown. My goal is to break the boundaries and find the path of painting.

‘Abstract art can not imitate itself, it is the realm of imagination’.



2017 Award Capri Island of Art by Director GemlucArt & Aralya Edition France, Represented by Monteoliveto Gallery Naples & Nice. 

2014 ‘Premio Napoli’ Naples Contemporary Art Award (2)Two Sponsor Awards by Director GemlucArt Monaco & Aralya Editions France,  Represented by Monteoliveto Gallery Naples & Nice 2010 Winner ‘First Prize’Gosford Art Prize & Award, NSW, Australia. 

2000 – 2009 ‘Finalist’ Gosford Art Prize Gosford Regional Art Gallery, Australia. 

2007 ‘Finalist’ Audi Art Prize & Award, selected in top 6 National Multidisciplinary Arts Museum of Contemporary Arts, Sydney, Australia. Juries: Collette Dinigen, Jasper Knight, Robin Nevin, Ignatius Jones, & Jan Mackey. 

2001 Winner First Prize Elcom Open Award The 26th Central Coast Festival of Arts. Jury: James Deas, advisor to William Bowmore Collection & assistant Curator to Sir William Dobell’s last exhibition in New South Wales.  Jury Statement: ‘Outstanding handling of paint producing an evocative atmospheric work ’. 

1973 Winner First Prize Mural Design Competition Mimosa Public School, Warringah Shire Council, Sydney, Australia. 

1969 Winner Gold Medal & Award National Iranian Painting Competition, Tehran, Iran. 

1968 Winner Gold Medal & Award National Iranian Painting Competition, Tehran, Iran. 

1967 Winner First Prize & Award National Iranian Painting Competition, Tehran, Iran.


The New South Wales University Mathematics Department, Sydney, Australia.

Yerevan Modern Art Museum, Yerevan Republic of Armenia.

National Gallery of Armenia, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

GemlucArt Collection, Monte Carlo. 

Late Pino Nicoletti Art Collection /Curator /Director, Palazzo dell Annunziata Museum, Matera, Italy.

The QBE Insurance Corporate, Sydney, Australia. 

The Elcom Corporate, NSW, Australia.

Edogawa Sogo Bunka Centre, Tokyo, Japan. 

‘Tatul Arakyan Art Collection’, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

The Engelthal Monastery, Budingen, Germany.




Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Central Coast NSW. 

United States: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco. 

Germany: Düsseldorf, Wiesbaden, Essen, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Altenstadt.

France: Paris, Nice, Monaco, French Riviera. 

London, Amsterdam, Belgium, Budapest, Tokyo, Barbados, New Zealand, Hong Kong.



Milanda de Mont
Milanda de Mont