Official Japan Invitation 2001 - Concert Stage Edogawa Bunka Centre

2001 Milanda de Mont with Japan Director of Culture, Concert Hall Stage, Edogawa Sogo Bunka Centre, Tokyo Japan.

Performance Painting on Stage, Concert Hall, Edogawa Sogo Bunka Centre, in Tokyo.    A cultural collaboration with The Central Dance Company Australia & Japan Culture. Performance and Exhibition, 14 January 2001.

Milanda de Mont was officially invited by Mr. Hitoshi Komuro, Director of Cultural Division in Japan on January 2001 to stage her Painting Performance, at the Concert Hall of the Edogawa Sogo Bunka Centre in Tokyo. As part of a Cultural Exchange between the sister cities of Edogawa, Tokyo and the GosfordCity in NSW, Milanda de Mont and the Central Dance Company Australia were given a send off by the Mayor of Gosford City at a Civic Reception, in December 2000. In Tokyo, de Mont received an honoring by the Lord Mayor Mr. Tamada. She was “Presented Guest Artist” by the Japanese dignitaries at the Official Mayoral Civic Reception Ceremony on 11 January 2001. Prior to de Mont’s performance, her biography was read on stage by one of the Japanese officials. She staged her Painting Performance, creating a visual dialogue between her art, dancers and the Japanese music. Her concept, which represented “ Rising of the Sun” was performed in front of the Lord Mayor and audience at the Concert Hall of the Edogawa Sogo Bunka Centre. Following her highly successful painting performance, de Mont was interviewed by the Yomiuri Shimbun, Japan’s highest circulation newspaper, over 10 million in circulation. This interview was organized by the Japanese dignitaries. Further, Rising of the Sun was donated to the citizens of Tokyo at the Edogawa Sogo Bunka Centre.