Milanda de Mont Group Exhibition Curator-Pino Nicolitti 
2017 Museum Palazzo dell'Annunziata Matera Italy
Milanda de Mont Group Exhibition Curator-Pino Nicolitti 2017 Museum Palazzo dell'Annunziata Matera Italy


Pino Nicoletti Curator, Art Historian, Art Critic, Public Gallery & Museum Palazzo dell’Annunziata, Matera, Itlay.

The artist writes: “Life and art are inseparable and since art is the state of our transmission my work reflects the tension between immobility forces and those of the speed in which I look at the world. It is a mystical experience that conveys a sense of unity in its creative process, because art is not limited by reason, abstraction is a pure form of art in the bliss of freedom”.

The artist uses her “Performance” to better understand the viewer`s conception in order to interpret a stronger reality. She works with forms of matter and the colors, whose lights are reflected (sometimes) on their intangible shadows. Milanda imagines symbols and riddles in a sumptuous and elegant way with the help of the drawing, which resurfaces full of

mysterious mobility and lightness as a track, a mark of thought. The creative vitality of the “Performance” has therefore an interpretation between the lines that make up and break down and create joints of singular figures. The composition is used here for the most part during the performance , while in the paintings are the shapes and colors that dominate and motivate the matter with a multiple coloring. In the unfolding of shadows and dreams, of shapes and gestures, the artist strives to give meaning and value to the reality that surrounds it.

All matter (with its chiaroscuro, abandonments, suggestions, references) is inserted into a strict attentive forms system. There is a close relationship between drawing and painting, while the lights and colors (with their strong contrasts) create vibrations that testify to a state of mind full of anticipation and trepidation. Inside a fantastic dimension we find an expressive magic scanned in a musical flow that is released on the web as to create a dance move. With a mature and innovative design language the color variations are made to multiply the effect of an ascension into the future. The artist takes us from materiality to spirituality in a physical and mental universe. In the blending of disciplines (drawing, painting, dance, music, lighting effects), in the free combination of colors, in the sense for decorative effects, in the tendency to superfluous details, in beautiful visual and musical connections Milanda introduces us into her itinerary to the wonderful. In this lively and changeable matter, light and supple, in this free gesture that connects the artist’s instinct to light we find a lot of poetry, passion and love for life.


Will you scream confessions of the soul and the psyche 

By Dr. Salvatore Russo Ph.D. Art Critic, Rome, Italy

Vortices of color to join the power of the sign and go to form the new object of narration. The works of Milanda de Mont visual narratives are made through a brilliance of thought that explores the mind and reports the synthesis. The refined purity tract combines suspended moments, exalting in dense colors and pure colors, contrasts of signs that generate the net, even when they are declined tone on tone with undeniable elegance. The nuances, contrasts of light and shade, the choice of colors are the result of a penetrating attention to the concreteness of the recognizable. Confessions shout. Will the soul. Whispers of the psyche. The main features of a painting that has its maximum Milanda de Mont interpreter. The artist has been able to create a new visual alphabet whose symbolism refers conceptually to the complexity of the human intellect.

2016 Milanda de Mont White space #2 acrylic on canvas 80cm x 120cm
2016 Milanda de Mont White space #2 acrylic on canvas 80cm x 120cm