2019 Stuttgart Express 

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2014 GUID'ARTS Dictionnaire de Cotation des Artistes - Larouse Diffusion, France.
http://de-mont.guidarts.com    http://de-mont.dictionnairedesartistescotes.com

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2013 Guid’Arts Dictionnaire de Cotation des Artistes – Larouse Diffusion, Book, France.

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2012  April 19. Florbit & Co. ‘Fluid Mechanics’

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2012 April 5-8. Art Monaco Catalogue & Galleria Monteoliveto Catalogue Naples & Nice.

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2011 Interview Hanrayin Radio H1 Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

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2010 Gosford Art Prize 2010, Express Advocate, Gosford, NSW, Australia.

2010 Oct. 7. SBS Radio Interview Broadcast-Armenian Program, Sydney, Australia.

2010 Artist Profile, Artist’s ID, Modern Art Community Publication, Athens & USA.

2010 Review: ArtisSpectrum Magazine, Volume 23, Agora Gallery Chelsea New York.

2009 Two Part Interview series, ‘From Classics to Contemporaries’ by: Abgar Apinyan AR TV Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.
Media Interview by: Aline Khachateryan, Armenia Diaspora TV, Yerevan, Armenia.
Media Interviews on Hanrayin Radio H1 and Liberty Radio, Yerevan, Armenia.
Art Review, State Library Publication, Yerevan, Armenia.


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